3 Reasons Why I Should Be a Foster Parent

Currently, there are more than 400,000 children living under foster care. most time, children in foster care are there as a result of maltreatment in their previous homes. Over the past few years in the United States, there have been steady increase in the number of foster children. Hence, the need for foster homes to care for this increase in other to keep children off the streets. Are you thinking of becoming a foster parent? here are some of the reasons why you should b.

1. Foster Children Need to be Loved:

In other for a child to be mentally and physically balanced, there’s need for the child to have enjoyed maximum love and attention. Love helps children to develop and shape their personality both at home and beyond. All children need love to grow and develop. It shapes them and influences their long-term personality. is should be noted that Love is an essential ingredient in grooming a child – especially one that had little or none from his biological parents. When you foster a child, and feeds him with adequate love and attention, it helps to build the child’s self-esteem, increases emotional intelligence, level of patience, improved social skills and better cognitive intelligence.  

2. It breaks the cycle of Abuse and helps to shape life:

Children that have been abused in one way or the other have a tendency of continuing the cycle while they give birth to their own children. most of these children are born out of hatred and because it’s a cycle that has refused to be corrected, it goes on and on. But when such a child is adopted into foster care, enjoys the love and attention he deserves, the child mentality begins to adapt to the normal human life and culture. becoming a foster parent gives you the liberty of shaping and molding lots of young lives for the better. This in turns helps to keep the world at large in peace and harmony because a child who was subjected to abuse or harassment will only grow up becoming a vagabond and such a person becomes a nuisance to his immediate society making the world half-safe to breed. Healthy relationships and positive guidance will help set these children on the right part

3. Caring for foster children keeps you young:

Unless you are willing to run away from the obvious, kids keep one young. The activities and mindset involved in bringing up a child will always keep you on your toes and agile. An active lifestyle will always keep you younger and smart while playing helps to increase one’s level of creativity. These two helps to improve cognitive intelligence. Imagine helping the child with his homework…it indirectly helps you sharpen your skill while staying generally smart. So, if you are willing to stay a little longer alive, especially if you do not have your own biological children, it is advisable to foster a child as they can help turn a house to a home. Children are naturally lively, it is only natural for a home with children to be lively as

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