3 Reasons Why I Should Not be a Foster Parent

After mentioning fostering to someone, it is only normal for them to get scared. This is as a result of the risk embedded in fostering. Although foster children need love and care to grow. It is important to understand that there are some negativities to fostering as knowledge is power. Fostering is not done out of love for children alone, there are a lot of things embedded and you need to be financially and psychologically ready to do all it takes. Hence, I’d be sharing some reasons why you shouldn’t think about being a foster parent.

1. Foster care comes with legal risk:

The aim of fostering is to provide a temporary home for children in need of parents that can meet their daily need. The time children spend in foster care varies from child to child. When adopting a child for foster care, there are legal backing and a “to-do-list” that needs to be met daily. The moment these needs are not adequately provided, the child could be withdrawn at any moment. Often a times, especially when the foster child is attaining adulthood, it becomes even more difficult to tolerate such child as hormones come sprouting. Since you are not the biological parent, you have limited authority being the foster parent while the law has the larger percentage of authority over the child even if you are the child’s provider and guardian.

2. Fostering involves grooming of older and younger siblings

It is advisable that if you ever think of fostering, do not attempt fostering younger and older siblings together. How can this be achieved? It becomes even impossible if you have your own kids and the foster child is  older than your own child. A child under fostering is new to parental guidance and the adjustment to these parental care mostly takes longer than expected. Most older foster children are traumatized and battle with anger management, drug abuse and other several mental health issues. So the home is prone to becoming a mad-house on several occasion. Either the foster child becomes a bad influence on your kids or he begins preying on them. In other to deal with this issue, you need to pay extra attention and work hand in hand with your caseworker which obviously comes with extra cost.

3. It is expensive to adopt

Be aware that if you plan on being a foster parent, that’s extra cost on both your finances and energy. Most times, foster care are filled as a result of poverty. Mothers drop their child at the hospital after birth and abscond why some may by themselves put them up for adoption. All these come from a major root POVERTY. As a foster parent, note that whatsoever you get for A, you also need to get for B. Peradventure you have 3 kids before fostering, your expenses increases by one. Failure to do this may result in legal sanctioning, adverse effect on the foster child’s mental health and little or no sense of belonging. If you know you are not financially stable, you need not go into fostering as this is a legal requirement before fostering can take place.

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