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Steve Callan and I launched Flutter on June 1, 2015. What we launched with on June 1st was a bare-bones platform to see if people and charities would actually like the idea - thankfully they did. From June 1, 2015 until June 1, 2016, Flutter created 64 experiences that generated $66,302.08 in donations for local charity - most of those donations we’re just $10 from 4,403 individual donors. 

Since that first day, we’ve added new features like referral links, additional donations, and a charity admin panel, and we've had huge campaigns like 24 Days of Charity and Free Rent for a Year in Boston. The goal of Flutter has always been to get more people involved in charity and to make the chance of winning fair for everyone - the reason why we cap donations at $10. 

In our first year Steve and I bootstrapped financed Flutter for less than $4,000, and we’re ecstatic to see our bootstrapped idea raise over $66,000 for charity. Now that we’ve proved that our idea works, we want to reach even more charities and raise even more money for them.

In order to do this we need to expand our features, which includes; creating a self-serv platform, creating an experience marketplace, and giving charities, sponsors, and every person the ability to create their own experiences. The latter will allow somebody with a vacation home to donate a weekend stay for their favorite charity!!

The updates mentioned above will allow Flutter to reach any charity and any person in the United States - something we weren’t able to do previously. To do so we need to raise another $4,000 - an amount that we can’t immediately afford on our own so we’re using Flutter to ask you for a small donation to help us get there. 

A small donation, even just $5, will help us make an even bigger impact on charity in our second year. We’re looking forward to it. 

Thank you for supporting charity and thank you for supporting Flutter! 



Tom O’Keefe

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